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Letter From Our President

The Sarasota Firefighter's Benevolent Fund was established as a 501 c (3) charitable organization in 1996, to assist Sarasota County Firefighters and their families during times of crisis.

Our mission is to help those in need, due to financial hardship, that arises from a major illness or injury.

Through successful local events and fund raisers, including the annual "Morton's Firefighter Chili Cook-Off", the "Sarasota Firefighters Rib Cook-off" and others, we have been able to extend our helping hand to other Florida Firefighters and to members of our local community.

Along with assisting those in need, we have expanded our services by coordinating with other Fire department organizations to provide training opportunities to our local firefighters.

For information on sponsorship opportunities, events, or for information on how to make donations to the Sarasota Firefighter's Benevolent Fund, please e-mail me.

Paul Kurtz/President


SFFBF Board Of Directors


Paul Kurtz
Ph: 941-526-5636 -  pkurtz@scgov.net

Vice President

Sara Riley 


Patty Wacha
941-302-1984 pwacha@scgov.net


Michelle Calaway
941-256-6544 mcalaway@scgov.net 

Board Members

Dana Anderson
941-650-4727 danderso@scgov.net 

John Vetri

Scott Hanlon
941-345-7506 shanlon@scgov.net 

Kyle Kosianowski
941-234-7173 kkosiano@scgov.net 

Nathan Millard
812-786-8985 nmillard@scgov.net 

Hans Negd
941-915-8020 HNegd@scgov.net 

Bryan Rees
941-587-2612 brees@scgov.net 

Beau Smith-Kerr
941-812-6844 bsmithkerr@scgov.net 

Chris Van Fleet 
941-915-5639 cvanflee@scgov.net 

Jay Nilson
941-979-2838 jnilson@scgov.net 

Jody Norwood
941-730-2959 cnorwood@scgov.net

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